Snow Canyon: Tree and Reflection

Snow Canyon Tree, Reflection and Cliffs
One of the most helpful pieces of advice to give the photographer is to limit how many subjects are in a photograph to a maximum of 3.  A photograph tells a story.  In order for the story to be clearly understood, there must be a straightforward message.  Anything that is a distraction from that message, weakens the impact.

In this photograph the story is simple.  small oasis in the desert.  The subjects in this photograph are the tree, its' reflection in the water, the background cliffs.  This composition was achieved by using a telephoto lens, zooming in on this subject and eliminating some distracting bushes on the left.  A photographer should not simply record an image.  He or she should draw attention to the subject in order to communicate emotion or tell a story.  My story about this tree is one of small beauty in the desert, living among the rocks, without neighbors.  It is a delightful, beautiful growing plant doing the best it can under very difficult circumstances.  That is what I wanted to communicate and I hope this photograph succeeds.  I believe it does.

I look very carefully in my viewfinder, trying to pay special attention to the sides and corners of a photograph.  If there's something there that is a bit of a distraction, try to move a little closer for a little bit to one side or another in order to eliminate it.  By doing so, you will be more successful in telling your own artistic story.