Paria Canyon Overlook

Paria River Canyon overlook as it drains towards Lee's Ferry in the far distance
On my latest outing to the desert, I visited a remote overlook that is both breathtaking and untouched.  Perhaps because the Grand Canyon is so close, this overlook is thought to be second rate.  Indeed, nothing can really compare to the Grand Canyon.  However I would rate this particular overlook as a spectacular sight and certainly worth the effort to reach it.  One can actually drive to this site, no hiking required. 

The Paria River is filled with a huge percentage of sediment.  In fact it is one of the more cloudy rivers in existence and adds the greatest percentage of sediment to the Colorado River just above the beginning of the Grand Canyon National Park.  Following the river out towards the distance, one can see where the Grand Canyon begins at the site known as Lee's Ferry. 

This is part of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.  This photograph was taken near sunset but I believe the nice orange and a little bit of purple can help identify the vermillion shade which gives this national monument its name.  I was hoping for some nice clouds as the sun went down but the sky was fairly unremarkable.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed another beautiful desert sunset.