Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stretching to the Sun

Autumn cottonwood tree with sun burst
Stretching to the Sun
I have never been on a photography workshop.  In my travels, I occasionally will see a large group of people doing the same things.  They often have different types of equipment, from beginning smaller cameras to much larger and capable tools.  In Capitol Reef, I saw one such group setting up for pictures of sunset.  The next morning as I was hiking up Sulfur Creek, I saw lots of footprints.  As I reached the small waterfall, I discovered about 20 people.  Everyone had a tripod and a camera.  They had placed a twisted piece of wood in front of the waterfall.  One by one, the instructor would have person approach the twisted piece of wood and compose a photograph.  I said hello to them and found out that they were from Provo, Utah.  They were part of a photography workshop, as I had suspected. 

While they were all taking the same photograph over and over again, I looked for something that could be a different photographic subject.  It didn't take more than a few seconds to see that the curved Cottonwood tree and the sunshine might be worthwhile.  I found it more satisfying than the twisted piece of wood and waterfall composition.

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